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Nina will never be alone again

Dear Friend,

Nina was left behind.

Her owners moved and abandoned her at an empty house with no food. For a whole week, she was hungry and confused, waiting for a family that would never return. After an animal control officer broke in to free her, Nina was taken to a crowded county shelter where she was at risk of euthanasia.

Without gifts from animal lovers like you, her story might have ended there. This might have been a much shorter letter.

Thankfully, compassionate people like you give to Paws4ever because you know that Nina deserves better. Even though it was our hands that picked her up, you saved her life.

Your impact didn't end there. Nina was underweight when she first came to Paws4ever, but she was too anxious to eat. After her traumatic abandonment, she was terrified of being left in her kennel. She needed specialized care. Your gifts to Paws4ever allow us to provide for Nina's unique needs.

Because you give, we have professional dog trainers on staff who designed a training plan to help Nina trust people and feel comfortable joining a family again. Melanie, a Paws4ever Senior Dog Training Instructor, takes Nina home with her many evenings to help her readjust to family life and boost her confidence.

"She gets along well with my other dogs and enjoys exploring the backyard with them, but her favorite time of the day is bedtime, when we all pile into the bed."

Because you give, Nina will never be alone again.

During the day, Nina stays in the Adoption Center office, where she greets visitors, plays with her best dog friend, Bug, and gets special attention from staff and volunteers. Every day, you allow more of Nina's sweet, goofy personality to shine through as she regains her health and confidence. You turned her life around.

Sadly, tens of thousands of innocent animals just like Nina are euthanized in North Carolina every year. You can be their hero just by taking a few moments right now to donate to Paws4ever.

I am asking for your help because I know that you care about animals like Nina and want to make a difference. When you give to Paws4ever, you save lives and give animals the personalized care they need to thrive.

Please don't wait. Make a gift today. Your contribution is urgently needed.

Thank you for your life-saving gift,

Kathryn Ruggeri

Paws4ever Executive Director

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