Gifts like yours saved Nova's life. image

Gifts like yours saved Nova's life.

Give today and be a lifesaver for pets in need.

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Nova was saved with only minutes to spare - don't wait.

Last Tuesday, the county shelter was past capacity. They made the difficult decision that they couldn't keep Nova.

She is only 8 months old.

When we arrived to rescue animals that day, Nova was almost out of time.

Gifts like yours changed her fate in a split second.

"There was a moment where Morgan picked up Nova. She was so easy to handle and immediately started purring in her arms—the three of us looked at each other and I just knew we weren’t leaving without her."

When we told the county shelter staff that we were rescuing Nova, they were relieved, overjoyed, and grateful - grateful for you. Because of your gifts, Nova is safe.

Rescuing pets is urgent work - there isn't a moment to lose. Your gift is needed right now to save lives.

As Nova settles in at Paws4ever, her personality continues to blossom. She is the social butterfly of her community room, and she has made a lot of cat friends already!

Your gifts provide her care and loving attention until she finds her perfect forever home.

We need to raise $50,000 by July 31st to continue saving lives like Nova's.